West Coast Swing is an amazing dance with many complex elements, one of the most complex being FOOTWORK! 

Kyle and Sarah will be sharing tools that will help you be able to apply different theories and styles of footwork into your WCS.

Throughout the first half of this one of a kind intensive K&S will be teaching footwork theory, exercises, and take home drills that you can train and discover with!  

Moving onto the second half of the footwork intensive, you will be learning & applying new footwork into pattern-work and musicality! 

There will be lecture and application along with take home drills and WCS content.

Come explore WCS footwork with Kyle and Sarah and prepare to take your swing to the next level!

Now normally, the cost for this would be $79. However, we're going to give those who sign up early a special price. The first 20 to register will pay only $49. The next 20 will pay $59. The next 20 at $69, and everyone after that will pay $79.

Note: You must have at least have a Saturday Day Pass ($65) or a weekend pass to sign up. If you're only planning only attending Saturday and wish to sign up, please notify Jonathan by emailing swingtimeintherockies@gmail.com as day passes aren't for sale yet.

Are you ready to sign up? Click the button below:
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