We're bringing something special to for SwingTime this year!

This ain’t your typical competitors’ workshop!

Myles & Tessa here! 🙂

We want to help you rock your J&Js. But not in the typical format...

We will NOT be talking about what judges are looking for.

We will NOT be talking about how to lead a pattern better.

We will NOT be hammering you on phrase changes.

Competing in any division takes focus. It’s so common for all your focus to go out the window as soon as you rotate to your first partner.

All that technique you’ve been practicing? Poof, gone, and you resort to your lowest common denominator of default skills.

So in this one-of-a-kind Competitors’ Intensive, we will teach you ways to control the skills you already have (or fill in your knowledge gaps) and use them under pressure.

We will use team-based challenges designed to intentionally disturb your focus, challenge your memory, and desensitize you to distractions.

By the end you should be way more confident rotating to any partner, any song, any circumstances, and still be able to feel expressed and on your game.

All competition levels welcome: we will be grouping you by level within the Intensive. No Beginners please.

Day/Time: Sat July 27 10am-1pm (3 hrs) @ SwingTime

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Now normally, the cost for this would be $79. However, we're going to give those who sign up early a special price. The first 20 to register will pay only $49. The next 20 will pay $59. The next 20 at $69, and everyone after that will pay $79.

Note: You must have at least have a Saturday Day Pass ($65) or a weekend pass to sign up. If you're only planning only attending Saturday and wish to sign up, please notify Jonathan by emailing swingtimeintherockies@gmail.com as day passes aren't for sale yet.

See you on the dance floor,
Myles & Tessa Cunningham Munroe

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