Where Do You Eat At SwingTime?

Grab N' Go Station

Do you ever get hungry/thirsty during events but you don't want to stray too far from the ballroom?

Maybe you're competing soon and want to grab a quick snack.

SwingTime has arranged with the hotel to have a "Grab and Go" station close to the ballroom (over by Aurora 3-4 workshop room).

Every dollar spent at this Grab N' Go contributes to the Food & Beverage minimum SwingTime is contracted to fulfill with the hotel. So we'd appreciate your support!

Open Hours:

•5-10 pm Friday
•1-6 pm Saturday
•12-4pm Sunday

What's available?

•Field Green Salad (to include cucumbers, tomatoes, and shredded carrots) and side of dressing.
•Pretzel Bites with cheese dipping sauce (served on the side)
•Candy Bars
•Assortment of Chips
•Assorted Kind and Cliff Bars
•Ham and Cheddar cheese on Brioche bun
•Turkey and swiss on wheat bread 
•Vegetable Wrap (to include zucchini, yellow squash, roasted bell peppers, and mixed greens)
•Soft drinks and bottled waters
•Redbull & Rockstar

Nearby Restaurant Options

Want to eat at a restaurant nearby the hotel?  The Hyatt has a restaurant within a stones throw of the ballroom.   The Hyatt also has a free shuttle that can take you within a 2-3 mile radius.  Inquire at the front desk.  Thank you to attendee Stephanie Roza for finding this!

Grocery Shopping

Prefer to eat in your hotel?  Go grab some groceries!  Thanks to attendee Stephanie Roza for finding this one as well! 

Here's some nearby grocery stores: