Video Bonus Gift for FREE (Ends July 23rd @1159pm)

I have to tell you, I've been bursting at the seams to share this for weeks but I had to keep my mouth shut until we opened registration...

Since you're not allowed to take any objects you find while we're time traveling (it can mess up the course of history....plus stealing is wrong...so...yah...), I thought you should leave SwingTime with one of the most popular instructional WCS videos on the planet to help best prepare you for your own future.

When you buy a weekend pass online by July 23rd, 2018 11:59pm PST  (Update: While the Tessa and Myles instructional video offer expired on June 30th, Doug Silton has agreed to extend his video offer until July 23rd!!).

....and we confirm you attended SwingTime 2018....

Here's what you'll get:

Carolina Shag Footwork for WCS
by Doug Silton

 WCS Champion Doug Silton, the king of amazing WCS footwork (watch him compete in the invitational footwork battle Saturday night...it will be "other wordly") is giving away one of his most popular digital downloads from DougSilton.com.

Doug normally sells this video for $40!  But it's yours for free when you buy an event pass to SwingTime by July 23rd 11:59pm PST!

Jonathan, when will I get this digital video?  This one isn't a DVD either right?  We will email you instructions a few days after SwingTime concludes with instructions on how to download this video for free.  And no...it's not a physical DVD.  🙂

Here is a detailed description of the video from Doug's website!

Welcome to your guide to using detailed Carolina Shag footwork in West Coast Swing! In this video, Doug & Nicki Silton walk you through traditional Carolina Shag footwork, known for its weight changing intricacies and complex lines while showing you applications into West Coast Swing. If you are looking for specific ways to look like you are dancing to Blues music – here is your styling shortcut!

Here's what's covered:

1. Toe Ball / Kick Ball / Fly Back
2. Back & Back Cross-Over
3. Hooks & Heel-Arounds
4. Single Set-Up
5. Triple Set-Up
6. Foot Tuck
7. Stutters
8. Boogie Walks
9. Open Stutter to Boogies
10. Duck Walks

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to order your event pass right now!

Note:  Attendees who have won a free pass from another WCS or through a raffle or give away are not eligible to receive these free gifts.  In order to be eligible, you must order a weekend pass online by July 23rd 11:59pm PST and we must confirm you attended SwingTime.  Only the following pass types are eligible:  Weekend Pass, Junior Pass, Student Pass, International Pass, All-Star Pass, Military/First Responder/Teacher Pass. 

Offer below expired June 30th:

7 Habits of Highly Effective Swing Dancers 
Tessa Cunningham Munroe & Myles Munroe

$70 VALUE!  This double-length 2 hour digital WCS instructional package would cost you $70 if you were to order it right now off of their website (canadianswingchampions.com).

However...it's yours for FREE!  All you need to do is order your event pass before June 30th 2018 and attend SwingTime!

Hey Jonathan!  When will I get my video?  And is it a physical DVD?  Good question!  No it's not a physical DVD.  After the event, Myles & Tessa will email you your download instructions from their website.

PS: Tessa & Myles are going to be teaching an awesome intensive you're gonna love at SwingTime.  We'll post more details and tickets on that at a later date.

So what's in this amazing video?  Here's the description right off their website:

We revised this video to reflect the constantly evolving techniques and styles of WCS. It is designed to augment your existing knowledge of Swing, regardless of your level or experience. Each habit was chosen as a key element in the most current and coveted WCS styles.

Habit #1
Footwork: Rolling, Walking and Sliding
Habit #2 Elasticity & Momentum: Stretch, Spring, Slingshot
Habit #3 Bodywork: Shaping, Groove and Contrabody
Habit #4 Turn Technique: Stationary, Pivot & Chaine Turns
Habit #5 Musicality: Phrasing and Swing Timing
Habit #6 Pattern Structure: Formulae for creating your own
Habit #7 Invitation Leads: The secret behind follower’s “play”

So...that's amazing!! Right?!

Here's the second video you're going to get when you buy your weekend pass online by June 30th 2018!