Promo Videos

You may have heard that we converted a mint condition Delorean into the Back to the Future car for the ballroom last year.  Check out some of the fun promo videos we did for SwingTime 2018

Flash Crash

Jonathan is trying to time travel to SwingTime 2018, a WSDC registry event, but when he accidently time travels to the wrong time & date, he narrowly avoids a horrific accident.

The Future of West Coast Swing

Jonathan’s been the future and WCS as we know it has been destroyed. He travels back in time to pick up the only person who can save it from destruction, but things aren’t always as easy as they seem.

Stopped By a Familiar Face

It’s the future! SwingTime 2018 has already happened and it was epic. In fact, it was so much fun, that Victor & Jonathan decide to travel back to Saturday night in the Delorean time machine. Unfortunately, their plans are foiled by a very familiar face.

Credits: Director, Editor, Writer: Demetre Souliotes
Producer & Writer: Jonathan Prichard
Camera: Aidan Keith-Hynes
Sound: Niko Salgado Production
Assistant: Lisa Picard
Photography: Csilla Leonard