Swing It Forward & Back Graphic

Swing It Forward

& Swing It Back Program

We want to create a really special energy at SwingTime this year. 

And while we've got a fun time travel theme, our underlying theme this year is doing kind things and recognizing kindness

Introducing our "Swing It Back & Swing It Forward" program! 

Here’s what it means to Swing It Back & Swing It Forward:

Swing It Back = Thank someone

Some examples of when you might “Swing It Back”:

•Thanking someone for an amazing social dance
•You see a high level dancer social dancing their face off with newer dancers and you want to recognize them for being awesome
•Someone asks a really good question in a workshop
•Instructor teaches an amazing workshop

Swing It Forward = Do something kind

Some examples of ways you might “Swing it Forward”:

•You find a newer dancer getting ready to compete & offer to help warm them up (social dancing, helping them stretch, etc).
•Someone forgets to pack something in their luggage (shoes, belt, shirt, etc) and you let them borrow yours.
•You're an advanced level dancer and you spend an hour social dancing your face off with Newcomer & Novice dancers
•You offer to dance doll for a private lesson

Here's how it's going to work:

On Friday night, you'll be given silicon wristbands that says "Swing It Back" to wear, keep in your pocket, or put in your shoe bag.

For example, let's say you just had an amazing social dance and your dance partner made you feel like a million dollars.

Remove one of those “Swing It Back” wrist bands and give it to them and say "thank you for that awesome dance!"

Unlike Swinging It Back, you DO NOT give away a wristband when you Swing It Forward.

In fact, more than likely, people are going to be giving YOU wristbands if you're going out of your way to do something kind for others.

To recap:
Swing It Back = Thank someone
Swing It Forward = Do something kind.

You only give away a wristband when you Swing It Back.

Got it? Good!

One important thing to mention. The goal is not to obtain as many wristbands as you can like you're trying to win a prize.

In fact, as soon as someone gives you a wrist band, we want you to be thinking about how you can give it away!

Sound like fun? We think so too. 🙂

​See you on the dance floor!

Jonathan Prichard
Event Director of SwingTime