The TimeWarp J&J

When: 11 PM on Friday 7/27 following the costume contest
Cost: $25
Attire:  You've Time Traveled to the Past (read below)

Note: There will be a costume contest and parade prior to the Time Warp J&J!   The parade starts around 1030 pm on Friday 7/27.   You are time traveling to the past!  The best "past" costume win's SwingTime 2019 & Phoenix 4th of July Weekend Passes

What: What is the Time Warp J&J?  I'm glad you asked!

#1 The Levels Will Be Mixed: Leaders will be lined up in order from newcomer (ie the "future" champs!) to all-star/champ (ie the "present/current" pros) and followers will be lined up the same way but going the opposite direction.   As a result, the lowest level leader will be paired with the highest level follow.  The lowest level follow will be paired with the highest level leader.  This creates a fun mix of couples where anyone can make finals.

#2 You've Time Traveled to the Past: While it's not required, we suggest you dress up as someone from the past (ex: dinosaur, caveman, mid evil queen/king, cowboy, someone from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc).  Alternatively, you can dress up as a time traveler from your favorite time travel movie.  We suggest you travel at least 30 years into the past (don't be lazy and time travel to yesterday!) and no more than 66 million years into the past.  Make sure you wear something you can actually dance in!

Notes: This competition is gender neutral which means you can register as a leader or as a follower but you can only compete in one division and dance in a single role.