1) Download a PDF of the 2019 tentative schedule by clicking the link (<-- that one) or the big green button below.
2) Get the summary of some of the cool things we're doing this year for SwingTime 2019 by scrolling below.

The SwingTime Summary

We're going to time travel to the past, the future, and the present all in one weekend. Who knows...you might even experience a time travel paradox along the way! 

We are going to have:

“Future Training” 

Designed to Accelerate Your Growth as a Dancer

1) Intensives (These are separately ticketed)

  • Intensive #1: Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake (topic TBD)
  • Intensive #2: Myles & Tessa Cunningham Munroe (topic TBD)

2) Leveled Workshops with No Auditions (included with your weekend pass):  Material taught will be geared towards WSDC competitor level.

  • Novice: Level 1
  • Intermediate: Level 2
  • Advanced/All-Star: Level 3-4

    NON-COMPETITORS: If you don't compete or you don't have any WSDC points, you have two options:

    Option #1 : Take the Level 1 Workshops
    Option #2:   If you don't have a qualifying wrist band, you may attend the higher leveled workshops on the designated section of the the ballroom floor.   You are free to rotate with others who are auditing the class or you may bring a partner and not rotate.  If the door monitor or the instructors determine that the workshop room has reached it's capacity, the attendees who are wearing a qualifying wrist band for that class level will take priority.   If the door monitor or the instructor determine that there is room in the space to audit, you may sit/stand and observe.  Please note: Conference room 6 is very small and can accommodate a very limited number of people.  We ask that you please refrain from asking the instructors questions.  Instructors & door monitors will be monitoring adherence to these guidelines.  

    COMPETITORS: If you do compete but wish to attend a class at a higher level then your division (ex: Intermediate dancer wanting to take an advanced/all-star workshop), you do option #2 listed above.  If you wish to take a lower level class then you're division (ex: Advanced wanting to take an Intermediate workshop) there is no requirement to have a dance partner.

    Would you like to bring a partner to class?  No problem!  We'll have a sign up sheet over by registration with people looking for partners.  Alternatively, you can look for a partner on the Rooms, Rides, & Strictly Partners Facebook Page.

3) Solo Tracks (included with your weekend pass): You often hear instructors say, if you want to get better at WCS, go learn other solo dances!  Well, now is your chance!  These workshops are designed to challenge you as a solo dancer.  

5) Masters 50+ Workshop track (included with your weekend pass):  We've added workshops geared towards masters (50+) social dancers and competitors.  Each workshop will be taught by a different instructor and there will be one masters workshop offered per day during the event.

4) Early Riser Classes (included with your weekend pass) -  Example: Triple Stretch by Fit for the Floor

Epic Social Dancing

  • The best DJs on the WCS circuit ready to keep you social dancing until the wee hours for 4 days!
  • Thursday Night: Free workshop and free late night social dancing
  • Friday Night Theme - Time Travel to the Past:  Travel back to whatever time period you want!  We recommend wearing time period appropriate clothing so others don’t know you’re from 2019.  Some ideas to get you started: T-Rex, Cave-people, medieval King/Queen, 1800s, 1920/50/60/70/80/90, etc.  Or go in a different direction and dress up as a time traveler from any time travel movie or any movie character from the past! (Google is your friend!)
  • Time Travel Costume Contest:  Best costume during the Friday night dance gets a free pass to SwingTime 2020.
  • Saturday Night Theme - Travel to the Future “Black Light Glow Dance”: Travel to any time period in the future you wish!  Imagine hundreds of dancers from the future all came together for one epic black-light West Coast Swing dance.  What year are you from? Who will you be? Think of all the movie characters from the future (Blade Runner, 12 Monkeys, 2001 Space Odyssey, Demolition Man, Back the Future II, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc….Google is your friend!).  We will have black lights running and a “Glow Bar” with free supplies to help get your glow on. If you have clothing that glows under black light, throw it in your suitcase! 
  • Sunday Night:  Social dancing until at least 3 am!!

Competitions for Everyone!

  • Fun Comps - Open Footwork Strictly Battle (available to all levels but Champion), One Foot Spin Strictly Contest, Invitational Footwork Battle, Time Traveler's All-American JnJ, and Switch It Up JnJ (switch dance roles).
  • WSDC JnJ:  Juniors, Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Masters, Advanced, All-Star, and Champions.  
  • Strictly:  Novice, Intermediate, Masters, Advanced, & All-Star
  • Pro-Am divisions: Pro JnJ, Pro-am Strictly, Pro-am Routines
  • Routines: Pro-Am, Rising Star, Showcase, Classic (Note: We are no longer affiliated with NASDE)