SwingTime in the Rockies

SwingTime 2019

Hey time travelers!  We're back at the Hyatt Aurora this year and we're excited for what's in store for you for SwingTime 2019!  

If you hadn't heard, we went through a name change and an ownership change last year (formerly Swingtime in the Rockies).   SwingTime was transformed to give you a mix of the best of traditional WCS and where we see WCS heading in the future!  We still offer everything that Swingtime in the Rockies was known for (Classic, Showcase, Rising Star, etc) but we added a bunch of new things!

Here are some of the things we have planned:

Future Training:  Leveled Concept Based Workshops, solo tracks (ex: hip-hop), concept focused intensives (TBA), and workshops for early risers (yoga, dancers stretch, etc).

Incredible Social Dancing: 4 nights of WCS social dancing until dawn including two theme nights (past & future), costume contest, and a Zouk social dance room.

Traditional & Fun Competitions:  WSDC JnJs, Strictlies, routine divisions, one-foot spin strictly, invitational footwork battle, Time Warp Open, and the Switchly Comp (role switching).

It's Your Destiny

You're gonna love SwingTime 2019!  How do I know that?  Because I've already been there and you couldn't stop smiling.   🙂

We look forward to seeing you!

Jonathan Prichard
Event Director of SwingTime